Auto Insurance 101

When shopping for car insurance quotes, many people wonder what coverage they really need. Below, you’ll find information about common auto insurance policy elements:

Automobile Liability Insurance – Pays if you cause damage or harm to another person while driving, either by causing bodily injury or by damaging property. This is one of your most expensive exposures and a frequent cause of lawsuits. Make sure your car insurance limits are high enough to protect your personal assets if you are sued.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – Pays for your medical expenses, and in some cases for lost wages and other damages, if you are injured while driving your car. PIP pays regardless of who is at fault. PIP insurance coverage is not mandatory in South Carolina.

Auto Collision Insurance – Pays for damage caused to your vehicle when you collide with other cars or objects. Auto Comprehensive Insurance – Pays for damage caused to your vehicle by covered causes of loss such as hail, theft, or vandalism.

Uninsured Driver Coverage – Pays for your medical expenses and property damage if the other driver is at fault but does not have insurance.

Personal Umbrella – Provides an added layer of protection in addition to the underlying car insurance policy. In today’s litigious society, lawsuit damages can reach $1 million or more in severe accidents. In those situations, a personal umbrella provides additional coverage to protect your personal assets.

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