Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Many small businesses assume that business driving exposures will be covered by their personal auto insurance policies. This is a dangerous assumption that can prove costly – particularly if you have employees who routinely drive your vehicles on work-related business. In fact, many personal auto insurance policies exclude losses that occur in the course of business.

If you have employees who drive their own vehicles for work-related business, you may also need non-owned auto coverage. If you don’t have commercial auto insurance for your business, ask us for more information and a complimentary quote today. The cost of a commercial auto insurance policy is minimal compared to the exorbitant cost of an uninsured accident.

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We were referred to Derrik Chandler and Chandler Insurance Company by one of our clients. Derrik and his company were highly recommended and he has fulfilled those expectations. We have been working with Derrik now for about five years and have been very pleased with the services he has provided. Derrik is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the insurance industry; subsequently, because of his efforts regarding our company, we have recently referred a friend that is also a general contractor. We fully expect him to have a similar experience with Chandler Insurance as we have.

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Correll Insurance Group offers the best of both worlds—you get to use a local, independent agent who lives in your town and knows you personally, but this agent is backed by a strong, national firm that’s been serving the Carolinas for more than 80 years. So you don’t have to choose between having a personal relationship with your agent and knowing your insurance has enough resources. You’ll get both with Correll.


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